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Меню хотел Света гора EN


The hill’s name is Sveta Gora as in the Middle Ages it was the location of several monasteries and one of them the monastery called Our Lady Odigitria, which was where Euthimius from Tarnovo transferred his literary school from the monastery Saint Trinity. The famous medieval Bulgarian writer Gregory Tsamblak wrote: “There is a place near to the city of Tarnovo, which is separated by a river only. The whole of it can be seen and it is full of grass, it is irrigated by plenty of running waters and before one enjoys its taste it gives pleasure to the eyes with its wanton beauties, forest-clad, the forest being dense and vast and breezy, it is full of all kinds of fruit and a bounty of flowers.” None of the founts running down off the Sveta Gora hill and described by Gregory Tsamblak have remained today. Over the first decades of the 20th c. there was only one brook (the so called Dark brook) that was running down and disgorged its waters into the Yantra river by the railway station of Veliko Tarnovo. By the Monastery Our Lady Odigitria, there was a well called the Stoneless well. The road that was concurrent to the Dark brook used to be called the Winery Road because it led through the river directly to the vines of the Marmarliya spot. The Feverish well was situated by that road. Its water was used to cure those suffering from fever.

And now: the newest attraction of Veliko Tarnovo – a nearly 50-metre tall platform called Skywalk. It yields an unforgettable 180-degree panorama to the while city, Tsarevets and the Medieval village Arbanasi, 7 km away from downtown. This platform provides an unforgettable experience in the Sveta Gora park.

The path was constructed using huge benches along the slope above the road to the University. There is no corner in the area to provide such views. The park on the historical hill Sveta Gora is the largest green area within a township all over Central North Bulgaria. Its covers 58 ha overall, with over 6 km of alleys. It also has entertainment for everyone. Extreme sports fans may enjoy several artificial climbing walls and nets, trolley-type trails for air trekking. Fitness exercise machines, a football field and jungle gym, monkey bars for a variety of ages are all there to be enjoyed by the visitors. Places for recreation and picnics are there for those who would just like to have a rest.

There is also a special corner for giving education to pets providing a lot of special facilities, including two platforms, jumping facilities, hoops and hurdles helping to train animals. Such a unique panoramic terrace is one of a kind for our country.

The next stage of this park’s development is going to include the restoration of the Ferris wheel, which used to be iconic for the city, with its marvellous views to the whole of it. Another novelty planned is that a Fairy-Tale House is going to be built where the nippers will find their favourite children’s characters and will enjoy themselves among these. University teachers launched the initiative to restore the summer reading spot in the area, which used to exist in the past.


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