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The Sveta Gora Veliko Tarnovo pond is at the exit from the city, on the road to Varna. It is right by the Sofia–Varna highway, it has an asphalted drive and a gravel alley. Therefore, it is an accessible fishing spot, even in rainy days.

This pond is also appropriate for sport fishery. Basically, it was stocked with around 290 carps measuring 5–25 kg each, around 1500 carps sized 1–3 kg, around 140 grass carps weighing 4–18 kg. The pond has some other inhabitants, too, some of them being somewhat more exotic as for our area, fish species such as tench (doctor fish) weighing 0.2–2 kg each, Russian sturgeon weighing 3–12 kg and, the icing on the cake, the belugas weighing 18–35 kg and 24 paddlefish weighing 2–14 kg. bighead carp weighing 2–8 kg, around 140 zander weighing 0.5–1.5 kg.

The fishing price list is as follows: BGN 10 for daytime fishing for 3 rods per a fisherman and BGN 20 for 24-hour fishing, free of charge for children aged 0–12 (those who stay at the Sveta Gora complex get a free daytime fishing bonus). Fish hooks per rod admitted: 1-hook only. Pond’s visitors must have fish landing nets, and hook-extractors or other tools for easy extraction of hooks out of fish’s mouths, as well as carp mattresses each.

Park Hotel RAYA Garden


RAYA Garden

Discover the different and indulge your senses in the panorama restaurant called RAYA Garden.

Mini Bulgaria Park

Let us take a 1-hour trip around Bulgaria. This becomes possible of we go over to the Mini Bulgaria Park in Veliko Tarnovo.

Hemus Sports Centre

A new area dedicated to sports, professional exercise and recreation in Veliko Tarnovo.

Each visitor, if they decide to do so, may buy the fish caught by them, at the following prices:

Carp, up to 4 kg: BGN 6/kg

Carps weighing more than 4 kg, follow the principle “Catch me, kiss me, take a picture of mine and let me go”

Grass carp BGN 7/kg

Tench BGN 13/kg

Russian sturgeon BGN 20/kg

Beluga BGN 36/kg