Lake "Holy Mountain" Veliko Tarnovo peace output of Veliko Tarnovo direction Varna. Located next to the main road Sofia - Varna with asphalt approach and chakaliran time. Available for fishing even on rainy days.

Your place for sports, recreation and entertainment

The lake offers conditions for sport fishing. It is mainly stocked with about 290 number of carp weighing between 5 and 25 Kg, carp between 1 and 3 kg about 1500 count, White Cupid around 140 number weighing from 4 to 18 Kg. The lake is also inhabited by more exotic fish species such as Lin / marsh trout / between 0,2 kg to 2 kg specimens, Russian Sturgeon between 3 and 12 kg and the icing on the cake are the Belugas, which weigh from 18 to 35 kg and paddlefish 24 number weighing from 2 to 4 Kg. Colorful Tolostolob from 2 to 8 Kg, White fish around 140 number weighing from 0.5 to 1.5 Kg.
Fishing prices are: 10 BGN. for daily fishing for 3 fishing rods per person and 20 BGN. for 24 hours of stay, for children up to 12 years - free, (for those staying in the Sveta Gora Complex - free daily fishing). The installations must be on one hook only. Guests of the Lake must also have a cap, hook remover or other tool to easily remove the hook from the fish's mouth and carp mattress.

Every guest, if he decides, can buy the fish he catches at the following prices:

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