The hill is called Mount Athos, because in the Middle Ages there were several monasteries here, including the monastery “St.. The Virgin Hodegetria”, in which Evtimiy Tarnovski moved his literary school from the monastery “St.. Trinity”. Gregory Tsamblak writes about Mount Athos: “There is one place near the town of Tarnovo, separated only by a river. It is visible in its entirety and is full of grass, irrigated abundantly with running water and before enjoying the taste, delights the eyes with its free beauties; it is overgrown with frequent and extensively cool forest, it is full of all kinds of fruits and different flowers.”


From the flowing waters of Mount Athos, which were described by Gregory Tsamblak, there are no springs left today. During the first decades of the XX century. only one stream (t. the sun. Dark stream) descended and flowed into Yantra to Veliko Tarnovo station. To the monastery “St.. The Virgin Hodegetria” there was a well, called the Stoneless Well. The road, which ran parallel to the Dark Stream, called “the wine road”, because from it through the river you went straight to the vineyards of m. Marmarlia. This time was the Fever Well. They took water from him, to treat fever patients.
Now the newest attraction in Veliko Tarnovo - almost 50-meter platform “Heavenly walk”. It provides a unique 180-degree view of the entire city, Tsarevets and Arbanassi. The platform provides a unique experience in the park “Sveta Gora”.
The path is constructed on huge pedestals on the slope above the road to the university. There is no corner in the area, which provides such a view. The park on the historical hill Sveta Gora is the largest green area within a settlement in Central Northern Bulgaria.. Its total area is over 580 decares as more than 6 km aleini mrezhi. There is entertainment provided for everyone. For fans of extreme sports, several walls for artificial climbing and nets have been created, routes type “trolls” for air transitions. Fitness devices, a football field and climbing frames for different ages delight visitors. For those, who just want to relax, there are places for rest and picnic.

There is also a special corner for raising pets, which has multiple appliances, including two platforms, jumping equipment, hoops and obstacles, with the help of which the animals can be trained. There is no such panoramic terrace anywhere else in our country.
At the next stage of the development of the park it is planned to restore the emblematic in the past Viennese wheel on the hill, from which there is a wonderful view of the whole city. Another novelty, which is planned, is making “House of Fairy Tales”, in which the kids will find their favorite children's characters and have fun among them. At the insistence of university professors, a summer reading room will be built in the area, as it has been in the past.

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