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Меню хотел Света гора EN




Welcome to the panorama restaurant RAYA Garden

Discover the different and indulge your senses in the panorama restaurant called RAYA Garden at the Sveta Gora Hotel complex in Veliko Tarnovo.

The tender, different and relaxing interior of RAYA Garden combined with a splendid view to the Old Capital will fill your day with calmness and positive thoughts.

Park Hotel RAYA Garden


Sveta Gora pond

Your place for sports, recreation and entertainment in the lap of the Sveta Gora bounty of beautiful nature.

Mini Bulgaria Park

Let us take a 1-hour trip around Bulgaria. This becomes possible of we go over to the Mini Bulgaria Park in Veliko Tarnovo.

Hemus Sports Centre

A new area dedicated to sports, professional exercise and recreation in Veliko Tarnovo.